Niki Zahari was born in Pireaus, Hellas in 1965. Zahari studied Painting in the School of Fine Arts in the beginning 1990s and Sculpting in early 2010. She graduated, both of them, with “Excellent” grade and she gained scholarships for her art-works. During her studies she attended among other classes, mosaic courses and Iconography. Though, most of her work is paintings and sculptors, she also expresses through Performance Art.
Additionally, she has experience as an Art Teacher in public organizations and schools, since 1998. In 2010 she created her own Art School in Egaleo, Athens where she teaches kids and adults.
Zahari’s work can be found in private art collections, and has been seen in numerous exhibitions in Hellas, since 1994. She currently lives and works in Pireaus.

1. In April 1994 to the “Old Factory Fix”
2. The years 1995-1997 in Art Exhibiotions of Heineken
3. In April 1998 to the “National Art Gallery”
4. The years 2001 – 2002 at “Technopolis” Municipality of Athens
5. In June 2004 at the International Exhibition O.M.M.A. at Neorio, Chania
6. In September-October 2007 in Regional Exhibiotion in Chania.
7. In December 2009 at National Exhibition at “Technopolis” Municipality of Athens.
8. In February 2015 she participated in the exhibition “Time of Art”